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Artist Statement

I am inspired by everyday life in Los Angeles. The urban landscape offers me an endless stream of subjects, colors, and textures to admire and explore through painting, collage, and photography. I’m drawn to mundane and often overlooked objects that at first glance seem peaceful, but with time, a sense of longing and nostalgia arises.

I aim to depict the urban atmosphere in an idealized manner that still evokes a sense of familiarity. My process consists of finding a subject I am drawn to, often while walking around my neighborhood, and simplifying it to the aspects I find especially remarkable. I am captivated by the quiet scene in an otherwise chaotic space.

My subjects range from everyday objects such as coke bottles, garbage cans, and telephone poles, to neon signs and iconic Los Angeles landmarks. My environment is painted sterilized and simplified, devoid of the humans who created the scene. The organic elements present cause a juxtaposition resulting with the viewer asking the question: Is the city in nature or is nature in the city?

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